Apollo is absolutely, utterly amazing. engaging, entertaining, witty, funny—full of surprises. If you want to understand how we know what we don’t know and how blind we are to biases he is your man.
— Josh Wolfe, Lux Capital.
Apollo Robbins never ceases to amaze my guests at our events. It’s a guaranteed 10 on the richter scale of entertainment!
— Pamela Rugg, Senior Vice President of Bessemer Trust
We so enjoyed working with Apollo and team for our corporate event; easy communication and great content. Apollo is professional and enthusiastic, listened carefully to the goals we had in mind and seamlessly incorporated our ideas into his performance. His audience engagement is precise and wonderful, and his keynote kept our audience talking about it well after the event, vastly increasing our message impact. Thank you for your work and professionalism in creating an impactful and exciting keynote for our conference.
— Lisa Napier, Cisco Systems, Security Engagement Manager.


The man who taught us what we see is not necessarily what we get.
— John Requa & Glenn Fiqara, Directors of the Warner Brothers blockbuster “Focus” starring Will Smith.
I’ve interacted with Apollo on numerous occasions over the past ten years and have always been impressed by his ability to energize groups and to excite them around his subject matter expertise. He has done the scientific research to know with great depth how biology affects the human’s ability to observe their environments. He knows the gaps in that ability to discern and knows how to exploit them. He shares this knowledge readily with the law enforcement, homeland security, and intelligence community.
— Terrence Clark, Chief of Violence Crime Intelligence Division, ATF.
A true master of deception, Apollo Robbins is as adept at crafting a story as a mind-blowing illusion. He put both skills on display in his ABC pilot SIN CITY.
— Chris Downey, TV Writer & Co-creator of TNT's caper series "Leverage".
We could not be happier with Apollo’s value to our organization. He does significant due diligence on our offerings and effectively integrates them.
— Tom Joyce, Lexis Nexis & NYPD.


He swung my attention... like a gooseneck lamp.
— George Johnson, The New York Times
He could steal the wallet of a man... who knew he was going to have his pocket picked.
— Wired Magazine
My favorite thief.
— David Copperfield
Apollo Robbins is a Jedi Master... and these aren’t the droids you’re looking for.
— Stephen Macknik & Susana Martinez-Conde, “Illusions” columnists, Scientific American Mind.